WOOD CARVINGS, 2016 - 2022

Equinox, 2022. Carved and stained pine.

Solstice Celebration 2022. Four standing pillars whichdefine the space and interacted with dancers

Solstice Celebration, dance performance. 2022

Neried 2010/2022 Neried originally took ten months of work to carve. It had been exhibited for two years on the campus of Adelphi University and then for a year in Dubuque, Iowa on the bank of the Mississippi River. It had also been exhibited in a number of indoor exhibition. In March of 2022 I decided to rework it and 7 months of carving ensued.

Cascade, 2020, carved maple. The first work made during Covid. My work up to this piece tended to aspire upwords, Cascade seemed to flow downward. Usually the stock from which I work is random however this came with a back story. The piece of maple belonged to a man who kept it through three moves over almost 50 years with the idea that he would carve it. As an elderly man he decided that he would never work this piece and offered it to me.

Medusa, 2019. Carved cherry

Cherry Strophe, 2019

Cherry Strophe, 2019

Hydra, 2020, Carved Cherry

Hydra, 2020, Carved Cherry

Writhe, 2020, Carved Cherry. The first in the Covid series. Writhe describes the early days of the pandemic when all of humanity was collectively reeling from the horrors of the summer of 2020.

Tempest 2021, Carved Cherry. The second in the Covid series. Tempest which followed writhe describes the political turmoil that followed the first wave of the pandemic. 

Jinni, 2021, Carved Cherry. The last in the Covid series. Jinni describes the time when spiritis were lifting after the worst days of the early pandemic.

 Sass, 2020, cherry Wood

Snake Goddess, 2019, Pear Wood

Sprout, 2019

Augur, 2019. Pear Wood

Cherry Twist, 2018

Maple Sweep, 2018

Wafting Bubinga #1, 2016

Wafting Bubinga #3, 2018

Wafting Bubinga #2

Wafting Walnut #2, 2016

Padauk Twist, 2017, Padauk Wood, Cherry Base

Sea Flora, 2018, Sappelle Wood

Wafting Maple 1, 2016

Wafting Padauk #2, 2016.

Wafting Maple #2, 2016